Moving to Florida is My Dream

I was offered a great teaching job at the University of South Florida in Tampa. It was almost too good to be true, but that could be because I had dreamed of moving to Florida once I retired. Finding out that I could live there even before my golden years had me so excited. I already knew that I wanted the position, so I started to look at apartments for rent in South Tampa. I wanted something that was close to the college because I did not want to spend a lot of my free time commuting between home and school.

I was able to find a nice apartment just a few miles from where I would be teaching. I have always had a two bedroom apartment no matter where I have lived for two reasons. The first is that I like having the second bedroom as an office. I spend a lot of time grading papers and reading essays, so I wanted to have a comfortable home office to do this in. I also wanted to have my own private bath, that no one uses but me. Even though I didn’t know anyone there prior to moving there, I knew that would change because I am a very social person.

I chose the smaller bedroom as my own bedroom for a couple of reasons. The bath is completely private there, and it also has a patio that I can walk out to from my bedroom. The other bath does have a garden tub, so I knew I would be using both of them a lot. The kitchen also has an island, so I knew that I would be able to use the entire living and dining room area as my living room. I am still so excited about being here now rather than in 20 years!