Owning a Little Piece of Turkey

A few years ago I started buying property to turn a profit. Not content with simply making money from local properties, I decided to try my hand at investing in some overseas properties this year. I had always heard that places like Singapore and China were good for property purchases, but I feel that everyone has already flocked to these markets. I wanted to tap into a different market, so I looked into property in Turkey. Although Turkey isn’t the first place many people usually think of when it comes to property investments, there are a lot of nice properties that can be purchased in Turkey for good prices.

Residential apartments are the hot ticket for property purchases, because everyone needs a place to live. With more luxurious rental properties, people are willing to pay higher prices for the comfort and extravagance that comes with the it, which makes it a good investment opportunity. I tend to purchase properties that are in well populated areas, near the heart of the city or near busy shopping districts. These areas have the most traffic and more people are likely to rent from these areas because of how close they are to everything else. Convenience plays a key role in living space selection, because people want to be in close proximity of all their needs and their work place.

The great thing about owning property in another country is that when I visit it, I always have a place to stay. I keep a room at one of the buildings I own in Turkey and sometimes stay there when I want to have a quick get away. The local cuisine in Turkey is too much to pass up, so I head to the closest restaurant and eat until I’m ready to pass out on my bed.